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The formal letter for my homework in English courses.

Dear Zaure,
I am writing you according an advert about the TV host position for «The Steppe» channel on Youtube. First of all, I am very pleased to express my admiration to you personally and the team for amazing work on this project.
I wish to tell you about my work experience in entertainment sphere. I had worked in advertisement agencies for long time, where I engaged in implementation project in digital, from concept development to production.
It might be interesting for you to know that I also have an own channel on Youtube as a blogger, where I take an interview from interesting people in my opinion on different themes. It depends on situation and person. I do it very easy, because I like the process, and I very communicative and talkative, still curious as a child. I can to converse on different issues, but I respect and appreciate other people opinions. Besides, I have a presentable appearance, a well-modulated voice and an excellent speech. You might also find it useful to know that I speak on two languages: English and Russian. I would be so glad to work with you, because I always strive to develop my personality, try to put some fresh and new in each work and extremely interested in your project. I have all necessarily skills and I hope to be useful. You might find my CV and portfolio in attachment. I would be so happy to join your team.
Please let me know and do not hesitate to contact me if you require any further information.
Looking forward to your reply,
sincerely yours,